Our values
Talent and Excellence:

To provide an excellent service, we hire talented professionals, provide them with the best training tools and promote a tight collaboration with our senior lawyers. This enables us to provide our clients a high quality consultation, which combines established know-how with innovative ideas.


We firmly believe that unity is strength. That is why we promote teams, characterized by cohesion and collaboration, to create an effective and pleasant working environment. This lets us combine a diversity of skills to deal with highly complex cases by rendering a complete service to our clients.


Being faced with ever more complex, multidisciplinary, multisectorial, and often international cases, our lawyers have learnt that each situation calls for an individual solution. To provide our clients with appropriate and also imaginative solutions, our consultants broaden their knowledge source by working with in-house teams or with correspondents of other jurisdictions or disciplines.


We provide our clients with practical and concrete solutions, so that the received advice is useful and fits their needs and wishes.


When executing a mandate, we rigorously follow the client’s instructions.

We make sure that at any time, the client is in complete understanding of the case, in order to make fully informed decisions.

We act in full transparency so that the client is aware of the steps taken on his behalf.

We accept mandates, only if, after a preliminary study, we have the conviction that we will able to fulfil them according to the ethical standards governing our profession.


As part of their economic activity, our clients require a fast and efficient service. This is why we render our services with high accuracy and a high priority to keep our clients informed on deadlines and other important time constraints.


We execute our work with rigorous respect to our confidentiality obligations and to the professional code of ethics.

We act with independence, ensuring that our advice is not guided by any other interest than that of our client.

We preserve our loyalty by refusing mandates, which risk a conflict of interest.

We respect our legal obligations of confidentiality in an absolute and perpetual manner.

We fulfil our information and diligence duties, by informing the client of any evolution in the development of the case, of the possibility to appeal to adverse decisions as well as the estimated cost of our intervention.