With whom?

We want the relationship with our clients to be close, personal and based on trust. A team of lawyers is allocated to each case with the aim to optimize synergies demanded by the specific case.

However the overall management and monitoring of a case is performed by one of our partners, who acts as the main interlocutor of the client. We follow up on the matter with each correspondent, as if he were a member of our firm. The fees of each correspondent will be separately budgeted and submitted to our client for acceptance.


We advise our clients attentively, offering pragmatic and imaginative solutions. When executing a mandate, we rigorously follow the client’s instructions. We make sure that at any time, the client is in complete understanding of the case, in order to make fully informed decisions. We act in full transparency so that the client is aware of the steps taken on his behalf.

To be informed and able to monitor the case, the client has one of our partners at his disposal as his main interlocutor. Our client determines how he wishes to be reported to.

At what price?

For trust to be the basis of our relationship with our clients, we systematically insist on having the extent and condition of the offer to be understood and accepted by the client before starting any work.

Our proposed budget is, to the extent possible, based on the scale of fees established by the Lawyers Bar Association of the Principality of Andorra. Otherwise, we agree with the client to charge the work done on the basis of an hourly rate with an agreed upon fee.

Costs related to the implementation of the mandate will also be stated separately and will be charged directly to the client.