Our country is a socially stable country with a high degree of urban security.

Its ranks as one of the world’s safest places, whereas its crime rates is one of the world’s lowest.

Andorra is one of the world’s states with the lowest per capita crime according to statistics published by UNODC.

Urban safety is guaranteed by the Police Services (1 policeman for 264.4 inhabitants), who ensure the citizens’ freedom and individual and collective rights , by the severity of the criminal code and the effectiveness of the criminal justicial system.

The qualified immigration law asks, as a prevention measure, for administrative expulsion of the Andorran territory for individuals who represent a risk to the security of the State, individuals, or of their property or to the public order.

Consequently, in order to reside in the Principality, applicants have to certify that they do not pose a risk to the security of the State, to individuals, their property or to the public order, by delivering criminal records of their former countries of residence.

The geographical configuration of the Andorran territory, with its mountains and two border crossing points is in itself a protection against international crime.

All these measures and features make Andorra one of the safest countries in the world. Explaining amongst others why it is a preferred destination for private individuals and professionals to reside.