Due to its location between France and Spain and thanks to its immigrant hospitality, Andorra has a population composed of different nationalities (Andorran 42.86%, Spanish 28.4%, 14.99% Portuguese, French 5.25%, English 1% and other 7.49%).

Although the official language is Catalan, Spanish and French ​​are commonly used because of the proximity to Spain and France. English is increasingly present due to tourist requirements and increasing international investment. The significantly rising number of tourists and investors from Eastern Europe in recent years has gradually introduced the Russian language in the commercial and services sectors.

For many companies, this multicultural aspect has been the key to success in achieving their goals internationally.

Our firm has a multicultural and multilingual team (English, French, Spanish and Catalan) which allows us to offer a service, tailored to the needs of our Andorran and international clients.