We are located in the Principality of Andorra, an independent micro-state of south-western Europe, situated between France and Spain. Our country offers some great features and provides opportunities that can be of great interest as presented below. Our country offers characteristics and possibilities that we understand can be of great interest and that we will develop below.

Legal certainty

Andorra is a country characterized by high legal security thanks to its legal system and institutions.

Legal certainty is a principle recognized and protected by the Andorran Constitution, released on March14th, 1993.

This principle is an essential pillar of its democratic structure.


Urban security

Our country is a socially stable country with a high degree of urban security.

Its ranks as one of the world’s safest places, whereas its crime rates is one of the world’s lowest.

Andorra is one of the world’s states with the lowest per capita crime according to statistics published by UNODC.


Geopolitical stability

The Principality of Andorra has existed for over 700 years and is characterized by a high geopolitical stability.

It should be noted, that if the act of its creation was the signing of Pariatges at the end of the thirteenth century, the Principality of Andorra has successfully changed the organization of its institutions through the signature of its first and only Constitution in 1993.


Multicultural environment

Due to its location between France and Spain and thanks to its immigrant hospitality, Andorra has a population composed of different nationalities (Andorran 42.86%, Spanish 28.4%, 14.99% Portuguese, French 5.25%, English 1% and other 7.49%). Although the official language is Catalan, Spanish and French ​​are commonly used because of the proximity to Spain and France. English is increasingly present due to tourist requirements and increasing international investment.


Financial and banking system

The financial and banking system in Andorra is one of the main pillars of the Andorran economy and accounts for about 16% of its GDP.

The seriousness of the Andorran banking sector, in terms of supervision and strict verification of the origin and destination of funds, is recognized by organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Council of Europe.



Historically, Andorra has based its business model on the ski and shopping tourism sector, the real estate industry and the financial system.

The economic crisis and the end of the classical model has forced the country to create a new economic model based on the liberalization of foreign investment attracted by a competitive tax system.



The Principality of Andorra is located in southwest Europe, in the Pyrenees between Spain and France.


Education, health and social security

The education system in Andorra is international, with three coexisting systems: the Andorran, the French and the Spanish education system. The Spanish system offers public schools and religious schools. The Principality of Andorra also has a Spanish private education institution, which offers a bilingual education (Spanish – English), and a British private education institution.