RAMÉNTOL PUJOL has a team of lawyers very experienced in the tourism sector in Andorra.

Tourism is a mainstay of the Andorran economy with its exceptional volume of visitors (more than 8 million tourists a year). From the sixties, the exponential growth of tourism in Andorra caused a restructuring and modernization of its economic and social structures. For over 50 years, we have advised our clients – them being Andorran and international businesses, corporations and tourism companies – on legislative and regulatory changes in the sector for tourist accommodation, furnished holiday apartments, holiday cottage, restaurants and providers of tourism services in summer and winter season.

We establish legal opinions according to applicable law.

Our multidisciplinary and multilingual advisors have extensive knowledge in the tourism sector and advise clients – being restaurateurs, hoteliers, travel agents, regional and international tour operators, investors of tourism service providers international leisure operators – in the following areas of law:

Commercial and corporate:

Our lawyers in the tourism sector consult in the negotiation and drafting of operating agreements, management, leasing and sale of tourist facilities, hotels, resorts, restaurants as well as contracts for the sale of shares of companies related to the tourism business.

We give specific advice on leasing and acquisition of real property for the tourism industry. We advise the contractor how to strengthen, protect and optimize her/his investment for the creation or acquisition of businesses.

We assist our clients, national and international developers of hotels and restaurants, in the process of real estate development.

Our team of specialists in corporate law advises clients in the tourism sector, entrepreneurs, companies, Andorran and international enterprises, in all corporate aspects.

Urban planning:

Our lawyers are experts in urban planning. We advise clients in the planning and execution of real estate projects related to the tourism sector.

We establish legal reports on urban implications relating to real estate project that the client wishes to develop.


We assist tourism operators to improve their economic performance by optimizing and anticipating their fiscal situation.

We advise clients on direct, indirect and also international taxation, through our international network of correspondents in other jurisdictions.

Finance and banking:

We advise our Andorran or international clients in the negotiation and drafting of all types of financing contracts relating to real estate in the hotel and gastronomy business or other tourist services (rent of commercial premises, offices, hotels, buildings, residences, etc.), with personal and real security.

Our expertise enables us to advise banking and financial institutions, developer agents or other stakeholders in the tourism sector in operations of development, construction, operation, etc.


We advise our clients in the tourism and leisure sector, on all matters of labour law relating to their business.

Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Information technology:

We advise our clients in the protection and utilization of brands, trademarks, designs and domain names.

We assist our clients in the fulfilment of their obligations, by performing audits and due diligences on the protection of personal data.

We are involved in the negotiation and editing of all types of contracts for the transfer and basic treatment of personal data.

We advise on e-commerce and m-commerce projects.


We advise our clients in the tourism sector by obtaining the administrative licenses necessary for the development of their business.

We perform timely audits (due diligence) to ensure compliance of the planned tourism or construction activity to obtain the authorisation permits.


We advise and intervene in the defence of interests of our clients in the tourism sector, when confronted with litigation and arbitration.

Our expertise in commercial, tax, real estate, labour and criminal litigation, allows us to defend our clients in this sector in conflict situations that may derive from their business.