Retail and consumer

RAMÉNTOL PUJOL has extensive experience in advising clients, operating in and from Andorra, in the ​​retail and consumer sector.

The retail industry in Andorra has seen significant growth since the mid-twentieth century, by :

  • low prices resulting from privileged indirect taxation,
  • of a diversity of products and
  • of the convention with neighboring countries and the European Union on customs agreements.

This sector has particularly benefited from the dynamic tourism in Andorra, which welcomes over 8 million visitors a year.
The retail and consumer sector has been marked by significant legislative developments and in particular by the liberalization of foreign investments, thanks to the Law on foreign investments and to the sector regulation through the Law of trade.

We offer our clients in the retail and consumer sector our services in the following areas:

Commercial and corporate:

We are involved in all phases of the creation of a company. Assessorem en la constitució de societats. We are involved in all phases of the creation of a company. We advise in the incorporation of companies. We assist our clients in obtaining the permission to trade and to invest in Andorra. We assist our clients, companies, firms and groups of companies, in accordance with their legal, fiscal, accounting and registration obligations.

We consult our clients in negotiating and drafting supply, franchising, distribution and advertising contracts.

We are involved in mergers and divisions of companies, internally between companies of the same group as well as externally between independent companies.

We participate in mergers and acquisitions of high complexity.

We advise and submit legal opinions in the context of competition and consumer law.

Finance and banking:

We advise clients in ​​retail and consumer business, on their relationships with banks and other financial entities. We negotiate and draft contracts for lines of credit, for financing of working capital, and for clauses on personal and real guarantees.

We give advice on financing business, company or asset acquisitions.

We assist our clients in financing real estate (commercial buildings, warehouses, etc.).

We advise on electronic banking and on integration of payment on electronic platforms chosen by consumers to purchase on the Internet (e-commerce, m-commerce) .


We advise our clients in the field of direct, indirect, international and real estate taxation. We assist our clients in the retail and consumer sector on how to optimize and anticipate the tax implications of their business.

Real Estate:

We advise clients on real estate transactions relating to their business: acquisition of commercial premises, land, and warehouse leases, etc.


We assist our clients on obtaining the necessary administrative authorizations (foreign trade, investment, building permits, etc.) for the development of their business.

We work on urban issues that affect the real estate used in the practice of our clients’ business.

Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Information technology:

We advise our clients in the protection and utilization of brands, trademarks, designs and domain names.

We consult our clients regarding compliance with their obligations. We prepare audit and due diligence reports on the processing of personal data.

We are involved in the negotiation and editing of all types of contracts for the transfer and basic treatment of personal data.

We advise our clients on projects of e-commerce i m-commerce.


We advise our clients in the retail and consumer sector, on all matters concerning labour law, arising from the activities of their business.


We are involved in litigations relating to retail and to the marketing of consumer products.