Private wealth

RAMÉNTOL PUJOL has extensive experience in advising clients on private wealth.

We consult on the conservation and management of private assets in Andorra as well as in other jurisdictions, through our network of international correspondents.

We provide our clients with a service that aims at successfully preserving and administering the wealth, offering long-term strategies and taking into account family situations.

We treat our clients’ business with absolute confidentiality. We offer our clients imaginative, individual and pragmatic solutions and always bear their business goals in mind. We work transparently and make sure our clients can follow our thoughts so they can take timely and well-informed decisions on the management of their assets.

Our multidisciplinary and multilingual advisors cover various areas of law that are involved in the administration of our clients assets:

Real Estate:

We advise clients in investment operations in real estate. We are involved in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the sale of real estate and shares of companies whose assets consist mainly of real estate situated in Andorra.

We assist our clients in the creation and monitoring of holding companies with the purpose of investing in real estate in Andorra as well as abroad.

We consult in the negotiation and drafting of leases on real estate, located in the Principality of Andorra.

Finance and banking:

We advise our clients on banking and financial contracts. We assist them in their relationship with the banks and financial institutions. We propose strategies for financial investments based on heritage and family objectives.

Our expertise and experience allow us to assist real estate investors in the executing of investment operations authorized by Andorran or international banks, with personal or real guarantees, by negotiating and advising optimal funding conditions.


We advise our clients in their ambition to constantly improve the competitiveness of the management of their assets by proving for well planned and optimized tax implications.

Our lawyers advise individuals and families, residents in or out of Andorra, in all tax aspects relating to property issues, inheritance, labour law, residence, etc.. We offer solutions for the organization of assets and income of our clients with the aim to optimize their tax burden, whether in a global or specific form. We advise our clients in their investment and financial planning projects, with focus on optimizing their tax implications, both in Andorra as well as abroad, thanks to the collaboration with our correspondents in other jurisdictions.

We operate in international tax issues, together with tax specialists in other jurisdictions.

Our lawyers offer advice on tax residency transfer issues. Our competence especially applies to clients who wish to settle in Andorra to improve their tax situation.

We have extensive experience in tax consulting for real estate transactions in Andorra. We pay attention to obtain the best profitability and rationalization when structuring the real estate investment.


We advise our clients on inheritance law in Andorra as well as other jurisdictions, thanks to the collaboration with international experts in this field.

We write wills and codicils. We advise our clients in the use of other instruments such as donations, matrimonial property regimes, life insurances and foundations.

We assist our clients in the acceptance of inheritance and the heir’s declaration in case of intestate succession. ab intestat.

We consult and eventually intervene in the execution of wills.


We advise our clients in selecting the best corporate tools to organize their heritage.

We write family protocols. We adapt articles of association and prepare agreements between shareholders, bearing in mind the proprietary and family objectives of our clients.

We advise our clients in monitoring their corporate structures. We support in all life cycle stages of the company: incorporation, amendments to the articles of association, celebrations of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings, corporate restructuring, mergers, separations, dissolutions, liquidations, company extinctions etc.

We advise companies and groups of companies in how to comply with all legal, tax and accounting obligations, by attending or assuming the office of the Secretary of the Board. We write deeds and certificates, we monitor and maintain the company register and we manage registration procedures at the Register of Companies of the Government of Andorra.

Litigation and arbitration:

We advise clients involved in litigation and arbitration arising from their heritage.

We have extensive experience in litigations concerning questions of succession, tax and real estate.