Information technology

RAMÉNTOL PUJOL has a great experience and expertise in consulting on information and communication technology.

The important development and evolution of new technologies in Andorra, makes the country an intriguing platform to experiment with new technologies, especially in the field of communications. Andorra is a pioneer in the introduction of digital terrestrial television and fibre optics.

We have a good knowledge of the sector and a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals in the following areas of law:

Commercial and contractual:

We advise on legal matters relating to any business project in information technology and in particular on new digital tools, such as electronic commerce, digital signature services, clouds, social networks, contracts of any kind of software, licenses, etc.

We advise on legal issues arising from outsourcing functions, from the project design and the contractual process, from the vendor selection and the outsourcing of production units, from the preparation and negotiation of service agreements. We manage and monitor the contractual relationship and the management of crisis situations between client and supplier.

We work in the legal protection of computer products (hardware and software). We propose and draft contracts for electronic services.

We prepare legal opinions on the content of web sites.

We consult in e-commerce and m-commerceprojects.

We are specialized in the conception and drafting of all types of contracts with regard to licensed trademarks, patents and copyrights.


We advise companies, businesses and conglomerates in the IT sector on fiscal implications in Andorran as well as abroad, thanks to our network of correspondents in other jurisdictions.

On matters of corporate taxation, we supply our clients with quick, proactive and pragmatic solutions.

Industrial and intellectual property:

We advise on the rights of intellectual and industrial property in cases where Andorran law regulates the patents, trademarks and copyright rights in Andorra as well as internationally, thanks our network of correspondents.

Personal data protection:

We consult our clients regarding compliance with their obligations. We prepare audit and due diligence reports on the processing of personal data.

We are involved in the negotiation and editing of all types of contracts for the transfer and basic treatment of personal data.


We are involved in the registration of domains, trademark rights, patents and copyrights before the Andorran and international trademark offices.

We defend the interests of our clients in any legal proceedings in relation to the protection of personal data and any sanction proceedings before the Data Protection Agency and administrative courts.

Litigation and arbitration:

We defend our clients in litigations and arbitrations relating to the use and application of new information and communication technologies.

We assist our clients in the defence and protection of their domain names and the protection of data in a digital environment.

We are involved in litigation proceedings relating to rights of industrial and intellectual property, data protection and information technology.