has a team of lawyers with extensive experience in restructuring and insolvency. RAMÉNTOL PUJOL The firm is known in Andorra for its expertise in business and commercial law. We advise clients, companies or groups of companies operating in the most important economic sectors of Andorra (financial, promotion and building construction, trade, hotels and restaurants, etc.). We also consult international clients with business activities in the Principality of Andorra through our cooperation of our international correspondents. We advise in matters of commercial, financial, tax, laboral and criminal law as well as on matters relating to the insolvency and, restructuring and bankruptcy of companies.

We offer our clients the most appropriate solutions in any situation of financial difficulty and crises.

Our expertise allows us to advise financial institutions on issues relating to the defence of their claims, on warranties issued by firms in difficulty, on the recovery of outstanding debts. Also we participate in any legal proceedings aimed at recovering debt and executing guarantees.

We issue any type of report and legal opinion concerning the law applicable to companies in difficulty, especially on the Decree on judicial settlement and bankruptcy of October 4th, 1969 as well as the applicable case law and doctrine in this area.

We develop legal opinions to be submitted to the courts – national and international – and the administrative authorities.

When dealing with firms in difficulty, we consult our clients in the areas of corporate restructuring, debt refinancing, acquisition of assets and liabilities of firms in difficulty, in situations of insolvency and collective settlement of debts, debt collection including the responsibilities of administrators and managers.

Restructuring of companies

Our lawyers offer advice to Andorran companies and businesses in matters concerning the prevention of crisis, the development and implementation of strategic restructuring and feasibility, the subsequent adaptation of the structure. We propose effective solutions in alignment with the laws involved (commercial, financial, tax, labour, etc.).


Debt refinancing

We advise our clients, businesses, companies and conglomerates, located in Andorra on matters related to the refinancing of debt. We analyze the financial situation, the level of debt and guarantees of our clients. We propose refinancing plans as well as realistic and achievable business plans.


Transfer of assets and debts in times of crisis

By the intervention of our specialist advisors in matters concerning companies in difficulty, our clients can be certain to receive the optimal counsel on strategy determination on the disposal of assets and corporate debt in times of crisis.


Insolvency proceedings and collective settlement of debts

Our lawyers advise clients, businesses, companies and conglomerates, located in Andorra in situations of insolvency and advise them in the crises-solving- process. We negotiate and prepare agreements, judicial or extrajudicial, between creditor and debtor.


Debt collection

We assist our clients in determining a debt collection strategy by judicial or extrajudicial means in Andorra or in an international context, through our network of correspondents in other jurisdictions.


Liability of directors and managers

Our team of lawyers and recognized experts on corporate law, both in Andorra and internationally, render our clients a first class service when counselling and defending their interests in this area of expertise.