Transfer of properties and real estate companies

Our lawyers in the real estate area intervene in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the transfer of real estate and company shares, which asset is essentially composed of real estate located in Andorra, and rights over the same.

Our lawyers, specialized in real estate, intervene in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the assignment of properties and shares of companies whose assets consist of real estate situated in Andorra.

We advise our clients in real estate operations on all types of real estate: shopping centers, industrial buildings, hotels, land, etc. The multidisciplinary technical capacity of our lawyers allows us to intervene in large-scale and complex real estate transactions, taking into account all the areas of law affected (financial, fiscal, corporate, commercial, inheritance, labor, urban planning, environmental, etc.).

We are involved in the negotiation and preparation of rental agreement, lease transfer and contracts related with the purchase of properties and the transfer of real estate company shares.

We advise our clients regarding the financing of their real estate investments, the establishment of guarantees and in particular pledges on shares or mortgages on real estate, and in the choice of the best corporate instruments in order to optimize the structure of the investment.

The experience of our lawyers, who have been involved in the area of real estate law in Andorra for more than 50 years, and our expertise, allows us to advise our clients in real estate transfer operations and shares of real estate companies, achieving the objectives quickly, effectively and concretely.