Proceedings and litigation in real estate matters

Our team of lawyers, with their expertise and experience in real estate, defend our clients’ interests before the Andorran courts or in arbitrationp

We work in all types of procedures relating to the ownership and possession of real estate (prohibited possessory, , etc …).

We assist our clients in the steps of public recognition of their title by the notarial instrument Notoriety Act.

We engage in finding favourable solutions when confronted with proceedings in contentious administrative matters related to non-payment of rent, the requests for lease resolution, expulsion, payment claims and compensation for damages.

We are involved in extrajudicial procedures for the cancellation of resolutions voted for in co-ownership meetings as well as claims toward co-owners concerning unpaid expenses.

We assist our clients in all legal proceedings following the conflicts between neighbours and between co-owners, representing them at all levels of the ordinary courts of Andorra, and if appropriate, before the Constitutional Court.