Our lawyers have extensive administrative law experience and are experts in urban planning in Andorra and in particular on all matters relating to the General Law of planning and urbanism of December 29th, 2000 and its subsequent amendments as well as its regulations.

We treat our clients’ applications for obtaining any detailed written information about the urban situation of any plot of land from the general or communal administration.

We assist our clients in all phases of planning. We design, negotiate and draft subdivision- and special plans, planning reports, development agreements, re-parcelling projects, association articles for urban promotion for the execution of urban work and urban agreements.

We assist our clients throughout the process until the certification deed of Urbanization Convention. We assure the supervision of our clients’ cases and take charge of dealing with any type of administrative appeal in the field of urban planning, such as revision appeals presented in front of local authorities and hierarchical appeals before the Technical Planning Commission (CTU).

We write the allegations, comments and modifications to the municipal plans.

Furthermore we prepare the hierarchical appeal before the Technical Planning Commission (CTU) and appeals for review before the Government of Andorra. We intervene for requests for building permits. In urban planning, we advise our clients in the drafting of administrative appeals and in all phases of the process of administrative litigation before the Andorran courts (allegations, propositions of evidence, preparing conclusions, appeal).