Administrative appeals and procedures of administrative litigation

Our expertise and experience allow us to advise a very wide range of clients, them being individuals, Andorra or international companies or conglomerates on any type of administrative proceedings before the national and local governments, according to the Code of Administration and special laws that regulate the specific procedures, at any stage from the notification of the first administrative act (opening file penalty, proposed penalty, etc.).

We assist our clients in the formulation of the hierarchical administrative appeal and review before the Government of Andorra, until the end of the administrative proceeding.

We defend the interests of our clients for all definitive administrative acts by initiating and following all the proceedings of administrative litigation before the Andorran courts on first hearing, on appeal and before the European Court of Human Rights.

We are involved in grievance procedures of financial liability that results from the administration acts causing damage (damnum emergens or lucrum cessans) to our clients.

We are specialists in advising and representing our business clients, companies or groups of companies in administrative procedures and administrative disputes for issues arising from environmental law in force in Andorra.