Our lawyers at RAMÉNTOL PUJOL have over 50 years of experience in the practice of Administrative Law. They act before all the Andorran authorities, national as well as local and before public enterprises.

We provide effective and practical solutions to our customers’ demands when dealing and negotiating with the concerned administration.

We write opinions on any matter of Administrative Law.

As experts in Administrative Law, we intervene on public contracts, advising our clients on specific issues in relation to the regulated sectors (telecommunications, gaming, energy, transport, health, etc.). We assist our clients in all appeals and procedures of administrative litigation, and intervene in legal projects.

Regulated sectors

As experts, our lawyers can advise clients on issues relating to regulated industries in Andorra, such as energy, telecommunications, transport, health, gambling and water supply.


Administrative appeals and procedures of administrative litigation

Our expertise and experience allow us to advise a very wide range of clients, them being individuals, Andorra or international companies or conglomerates on any type of administrative proceedings before the national and local governments, according to the Code of Administration and special laws that regulate the specific procedures, at any stage from the notification of the first administrative act (opening file penalty, proposed penalty, etc.).


Public contract

We have a long experience in the implementation of the Law on Public Contracts and other laws, both on national and local level. Our clients are entrepreneurs operating in the main economic sectors of the country (trade, energy, health, etc..) as well as contractors and traders.



We advise our clients from the moment the information on the expropriation file is published and in all phases of the procedure (assessment of the expropriated property any other rights and obligations, relating to the expropriated property, requests on the execution of expropriation, etc.).



We participate in the development and review of legislation and regulations.



Our lawyers have extensive administrative law experience and are experts in urban planning in Andorra and in particular on all matters relating to the General Law of planning and urbanism of December 29th, 2000 and its subsequent amendments as well as its regulations.