We assist our clients during the public information period of the expropriation proceedings and in all its steps (estimate of the value of the expropriated property, notification of charges and easements and other rights of the expropriated property, requests for enforcement of the expropriation, etc.).

Our lawyers, experts in the field, provide individuals and entrepreneurs with support in everything that may concern them regulated in the Expropriation Law of September 3, 1993, advising them in the general expropriation procedure, in the execution of expropriation, in the assessment procedure, in the procedure for the reversion of the expropriated assets, in emergency procedures, in special procedures and in appeals against the resolutions regarding expropriation.

We are involved in all stages of the proceedings before the administrative courts of Andorra (request for suspension of the contested act, allegedly proposed evidence, preparing conclusions appeal) on expropriation.