Administrative procedure

We appear before all levels of government from the first notification of the administrative act (opening file penalty, proposed penalty, etc.). We assist our clients for presenting administrative procedures for review and reporting to the Andorran Government, until the end of the non-contentious administrative procedure. We appear before all administrative bodies from the moment of notification of the first administrative act (opening of a disciplinary file, proposed sanction, etc.).

We are involved in procedures requesting the financial liability of the administration, resulting from acts, which have led to injury or material prejudice (damnum emergens or lucrum cessans) to our clients.

We take charge of defending the interests of our clients before the administrative act, by initiating and pursuing all steps of the proceedings before the Andorran courts in all existing instances up to the European Court of Human Rights.

We are involved in grievance procedures of financial liability that results from the administration acts causing damage (damnum emergens or lucrum cessans) to our clients.