The team of specialists in the area of labor law and Social Security of Andorra RAMÉNTOL PUJOL team of specialists of our labour law and social security department at the law firm, have gathered extensive experience in their field. They constantly keep up to date on legislative and case law changes in Andorra and are in regular exchange with the involved agencies (Andorra Social Security, Labour Inspectorate, Department of Immigration of the Ministry of Justice and Interior, etc.).

We advise and defend Andorran and international companies, groups of companies and enterprises operating in the most important economic sectors of Andorra (real estate development and construction, trade, hotels,restaurants, etc.).

We lend our services to our clients’ HR departments in a timely and professional manner.

We advise unions in defence of their rights in matters relating to the corporate world.

We lend our services to companies, corporations, executives, CEOs and managers, advising them in all aspects of labour law and social security. We offer our advice for the drafting of employment contracts, dismissals, individual and collective bargaining.

We assist our business clients until the litigation stage, by engaging and following the legal procedures of labour law and against the Social Security in all judicial proceedings.

We issue legal opinions and give advice to our Andorran and international clients on the legislation of the Labour Law (Law 35/2008 of the Code and other applicable standard labour legal rules), and on legal opinions presented before other jurisdictions and international institutions.

We operate in corporate restructuring and advise our clients on the social implications they might have, by offering pragmatic and imaginative solutions that fit the needs of the business in a crisis situation.

We render to our Andorran and international clients our knowledge and expertise in matters relating to employment contracts, wage policies, corporate restructuring, industrial relations, social security and litigations.

Employment contracts / Labour relations

Our lawyers provide a permanent service to the HR departments of companies, corporations, national and international groups from the main sectors of the Andorran economy (finance, banking, real estate, insurance, tourism, international trade, e-commerce, etc.). We accompany our clients in matters of labor relations with maximum availability and reactivity, advising them on the day-to-day of their business operations.


Remuneration policies

We advise our clients on the remuneration of workers according to the labour law in force in Andorra. Our lawyers offer pragmatic and imaginative solutions, designed to meet the demands, needs and specifications of our clients.


Collective relations

Our experience with entrepreneurs and business groups in the most important economic sectors of Andorra, enables us to advise and report on the legislation applicable to collective relations, by consulting our clients on their rights and obligations in this area.


Social security

We are involved in all issues concerning Social Security according to the Law 17/2008 of October 3rd 2008 of the Social Security and later as changes in their regulations on application.


Work litigation

Our lawyers, with their expertise and legal experience in labour law and social security, defend the interests of our clients before all Andorran courts.


Business restructuring

The long experience of our lawyers in the main business sectors of Andorra and branches of law relating thereto (labour, tax, financial, commercial, etc.), enables us to advise companies and groups of companies in the design, negotiation, implementation of complex restructuring processes such as mergers, acquisitions, reductions or increases in activity, purchases or sales of all or part of the assets of the company (business units) and also in situations of payment termination.