Financial and banking regulations

Our lawyers, experts in the field and with multilingual skills, advise national and international banking or financial institutions in all aspects of financial regulation and banking in Andorra and particularly in the context of:

  • The organisation of the financial system,
  • The legal regulatory regime of disciplinary rules of the financial system,
  • Regulations for the creation of new banks under Andorran law,
  • Authorization for the creation of new operators in the Andorran financial system,
  • The legal regime for financial institutions and collective investment funds,
  • The legal regime of banking institutions and
  • The basic administrative regime for bodies operating in the financial system.

We also advise on financial and banking regulations affecting the deposit of financial assets in the Principality of Andorra.

We advise our clients in the authorization procedures and in the development of financial institutions, in the modification or addition of financial activities by intervening with the supervisory authority (Andorran National Institute of Finance – INAF) . Our expertise enables us to advise on procurement processes, mergers, reorganizations, separations, dissolutions and liquidations of operators in the financial and banking sector in the Principality of Andorra.

We offer our advice to banks and financial institutions for the protection of the banking secrecy and data protection, the prevention of money laundering or any other value resulting from criminal activity.

We render advice and submit legal opinions concerning financial and banking regulations for internal and external use.