Banking and financial contracts

Our team of specialists has great prestige in banking and financial contracting, both nationally and internationally. We advise our clients on all cross-border transactions and assist them when interacting with international banks and financial institutions, which plan to operate with institutions regulated in Andorra. We set up the contracts for our clients to perform operations for funding, investment or provision of services concerning the financial and banking sector.

We issue notes and legal opinions concerning close-out netting transactions under contractual compensation agreements (close-out netting) and the enforceability in Andorra framework of master agreements agreements (master agreements – REPO, GMRA, ISDA, etc.).

We treat advise on retail banking products, the products of bank deposit, operations for de factoring, leasing, renting, confirming, credit cards, commodities, international trade and mortgage financing.

Thanks to our experience and the duration of our interventions inknowledge of the main the business sectors most important in Andorra, we have gained profound competency expertise in writing negotiating and drafting banking and financial contracts necessary for economic activities with banks or financial institutions.

We are also experts in all court litigations and resolutions of conflicts arising from financial or banking contracts.