Offences against the security of legal transactions

Our criminal defence lawyers have extensive experience in organizing the complaint or the defence for the following offenses: false documents, suppression of documents, falsification of computer data and unfair competition.

We build and orchestrate multi-disciplinary teams (IT, experts, etc.) to organize an optimal defence for our clients in situations of considerable technical complexity.

We represent and defend clients in criminal court, regarding any offense against the security of legal transactions.

We advise and defend our clients throughout the entire investigation. We produce all the necessary evidences; assist our clients at the police department, when they declare the statement to the investigating judge and when presenting appeals against orders which are adverse to the interests of our clients.

Once the investigation file is closed, we defend our clients before the courts judging the case (Single Judge Court, “Batlles” Court, “Corts” Court) by using all appropriate instruments of defence, which are in the interest of our clients. We appeal in front of the ”Corts” Court and before the Criminal Chamber of the High Court of Justice, against judgments, which have been ruled adverse to the interests of our clients at first instance.