Offences against property

We file complaints and civil suits in all cases of violation of property rights (theft and robbery, fraud, extortion, fraudulent fencing and fraudulent insolvency).

We advise and defend our clients throughout the entire investigation. We prepare all the necessary evidences, assist our clients at the police department, when they declare the statement to the investigating judge and when presenting appeals against orders which are adverse to the interests of our clients.

Once the investigation file is closed, we defend our clients before the courts judging the case (Single Judge Court, “Batlles” Court, “Corts” Court) by using all appropriate instruments of defence, which are in the interest of our clients.

We appeal in front of the ”Corts” Court and before the Criminal Chamber of the High Court of Justice, against judgments, which have been ruled adverse to the interests of our clients at first instance.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in criminal property offenses which affect the business activity of our clients, such as offenses of unfair administration, of fraudulent bankruptcy, IT damages, etc.

We intervene in the matter of claims for damages due to the commission of a criminal offence.