department of criminal law, RAMÉNTOL PUJOL have extensive experience in advising and defending clients. They have developed their expertise, by consulting their clients in this sector, for more than 37 years, since the Decree of the “Tribunal de Corts” dated December 30th 1975, which enabled the lawyers to defend their clients in criminal proceedings.

Our criminal defence lawyers are multilingual and have specialized skills in advising Andorran as well as international companies and enterprises in Andorra, including their directors and shareholders, in order to alert the commission of criminal offenses and prepare the client to have a solid position when defending his rights before the Andorran criminal courts.

We offer our clients the most appropriate defence strategy according to the type of criminal offense they encounter.

We represent and defend our clients before the criminal courts of the Principality of Andorra, both as perpetrators and as victims. We appear on behalf of our clients before all instances and jurisdictions: Police Service, Judge Instructor, Hble. Unipersonal Court, Hble. “Batlles” Court, the “Corts” Court, the Criminal Chamber of the High Court of Justice , the Constitutional Court, and the European Courts of Human Rights.

We operate in the active or passive extradition procedures.

We establish multidisciplinary teams (auditors, tax consultants, investigators, etc.) to provide a service, which is according to the needs of the client.

Our expertise enables us to advise and defend our clients for any type of crime, however, in particular for crimes against property offences, against the socio-economic order, against money laundering, against the environment and against the legal security of transactions.

Offences against property

We file complaints and civil suits in all cases of violation of property rights (theft and robbery, fraud, extortion, fraudulent fencing and fraudulent insolvency).


Money laundering offence

The Principality of Andorra has one of the most elaborate regulations in the Western world in the prevention and fight against money laundering.
We assist our clients in developing internal procedures for prevention against money laundering, depending, amongst others, on the legal obligations in this regard as well as technical releases and recommendations of the Andorran Financial Intelligence Unit.


Socio-economic offences

Our lawyers specialized in criminal law have extensive experience in the defence of socio-economic offenses, especially for business related offenses, including crimes related to: procurement, intellectual and industrial property, consumption, business, social security, smuggling and tax fraud.


Offences against the security of legal transactions

Our criminal defence lawyers have extensive experience in organizing the complaint or the defence for the following offenses: false documents, suppression of documents, falsification of computer data and unfair competition.


Environmental offences

We advise our clients whose companies operate in Andorra and may pose a risk to the environment. We assist our client in the prevention from committing environmental offences and in order to benefit from a strong position in case a criminal proceeding is to be opened.